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Recycled Material for Food Packaging

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Recycled Material for Food Packaging

We are one of the few leading suppliers who can supply food grade recycled material throughout the year.
All the scrap and unused plastic we purchase is industrial waste (PIR), sourced from food packaging factories and companies around Japan.
This means that not only is our product of higher quality, compared to Post-Consumer material, but it also leads to less smell and contamination, resulting in a top quality of flake / pellet . For these reasons, our customers keep on purchasing their material from TOA.

PET Sheet Flakes

Advantages: Free of contaminants (such as PVC and other plastics)
Application: Tray for food packaging
Current capacity: 300MT per month

HIPS Recycled Pellets

OPS/GPPS Recycled Pellets

PP Recycled Pellets